TreppenHaus Gallery

TreppenHaus Gallery


This absolutely non-commercial gallery is a not profit contemporary art platform which – from now on – creates a range of programmes and events in Münster. Our aim is to create discursive space for artists of all kinds, shapes and colors.

TreppenHaus Gallery as an art-space is open not only for those who have been studying art, but also/mainly for many who simply have a keen interest to learn and develop their artistic ideas, visions and talents.

Opened with the aim to bring fresh energy to the local art scene by supporting and promoting a wide variety of projects: painting, photography, video, installations as well as lectures, performances and concerts etc.

There is “no examination” needed to participate in the TreppenHaus Project. Just bring the idea with you – together we will bring it to life!



1) On the 6th of June Dirk Sandbaumhüter became one year older. To celebrate his 33th birthday we organized a surprize party for him. The idea was simple: our staircase became for couple of hours a gallery (called “Treppenhaus Gallery” specially for this occasion!). According to slogan: “There is no limitation – just follow YOUR imagination!” all Dirk’s friends prepared drawings, paintings, sculptures, caricatures, photos etc.

Photos from “Dirk Sandbaumhueter” Exhibition you can find on radiesien flickr
Dirk’s website:


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