KYLESA + Racquets = Sputnikhalle, MS, 17.06.2011

Finally we know who will support KYLESA during the gig in Muenster! RACQUETS! the other RACQUETS! and just to remind…

about KYLESA: “The shifting movement of red hot sand, spiralling around the withered trunk of a gnarled tree are among the hypnotic visions KYLESA evoke with “Spiral Shadow”. Drawing deeply from the roots nourishing their unique sound with the essence of crust punk, psychedelic and stoner rock as well as sludge metal, the US-band is tapping into an even deeper musical universe than ever before. It all begins in Savannah, Georgia, where guitarist and singer Philipp Cope founds KYLESA with two members of his former band Damad during the year 2001. The name is derived from the Buddhist concept of “kilesa mara” meaning delusionary states of the mind. For their album debut “Kylesa” (2002) the group cites NEUROSIS, KYUSS, early PINK FLOYD and BLACK SABBATH as influences, while critics name BARONESS and MASTODON as reference points. Yet KYLESA quickly develop their style, to which guitarist and vocalist Laura Pleasants contributes in a major way. This is enhanced by their use of two drummers since the third album “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” (2006), while “To Walk a Middle Course” (2005) was still recorded in the usual way. With the critically highly acclaimed “Static Tensions” (2009) KYLESA fine tune their formula, which has come close to perfection now. Let the fiery passion of these burning riffs engulf you!” (source: Sputnikhalle webpage)

support: RACQUETS

and here is the video live:


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