KOMPLEX Exhibition

Seven artists spotted the opportunity to work inside the bunker in Osnabrück. They were working for 2 months – the result is a Komplex Exhibition, which was strongly influenced by the atmosphere of the building. They used the interior space for their individual artistic works: paintings, installations, sculptures. More about the exhibition, which was opened on 27th of May, at NARTUR KUNSTGRUPPE webpage: http://www.nartur.blog.com/

Some description in English (my own translation): In Osnabrück, between Redlingerstraße and Hakenstraße is the air bunker. It’s 2-meter-thick concrete walls weight more than all citizens of Osnabrück. The bunker is completely surrounded by facades and  can be hardly noticed by passers-by.  And it’s colossal: 33 meters wide and 15 meters high and 1670 square meters it is the largest of its kind in Osnabrück. The bunker was built in 1944 to protect up to 6 thousand  citizens of Osnabrück before the bombing of the Allies. In the early 80’s the building was used for civil defense purposes until 1994. The bunker is now in private ownership and although he may have lost its original function, it has not been used for a long time. Until now!

My own photos from the KOMPLEX Exhibition on myflickr.


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